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See your practice through new eyes.

Going Lean means looking at everything you do through the lens of value. Does your work add value for the client? If not, it’s waste. Learning to identify and eliminate that waste is the key to improving the service you deliver to your clients. Once you’ve learned to see, you won’t look at your practice the same way again. 

We recommend all our clients kick off their process improvement initiatives with one of our LeanLegal® boot camps. 

LeanLegal® workshops serve three purposes:

1. They start building a culture of continuous improvement in your firm or department.

Your team will develop practical skills they can apply immediately to improve legal and business processes, creating critical buy-in.

2. They establish the foundation for your improvement initiatives

The exercises we use generate a wealth of information about improvement opportunities in your organization. With our full-day boot camps, you also receive a Quick Wins Report that will give you a real head-start on process improvement.

3. They give us critical insight into your improvement opportunities.

We use the information gathered during the workshops to begin preparing your opportunities assessment report – a strategic plan that will set you on the pathway to process excellence. You can learn more about the pathway in our Go Lean infographic.

What our clients say:

Gimbal’s Lean Law Boot Camp has marked the beginning of a shift in our thinking at Stewart McKelvey. The number of new ideas and enthusiasm it has generated have set us on a path towards continuous improvement. We are going Lean!

— Paul Saunders, Practice Innovation Partner, Stewart McKelvey

Contact us to discuss solutions for your practice, and visit our Resources page to download workshop outlines.