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Visualize Your Workflows with a Process Improvement Project

Process improvement projects create value for your practice and your clients.

We help you identify stress points, see wastes like bottlenecks, rework, or misallocation of resources, and design improvements in your legal, business, and administrative processes. The result: a more agile, productive, profitable organization.

If you want to know what a process improvement project looks and feels like, please read our three-part series, Inside a Legal Process Improvement Project.

Private Practice

If you're in private practice, watch our short presentation on Lean in law firms and see how you can benefit. We use our decades of experience practicing law to help you develop sustainable solutions to optimize the flow of value-adding services throughout your practice, reduce your costs and make you more profitable and competitive.


At Gimbal, we know from personal experience the challenging role you play as corporate counsel in today's economic environment. We can help you create a more efficient and responsive legal department, reduce your costs and maximize your value to the company you represent. Watch our short presentation to find out more.

We offer

  • A structured framework to identify, evaluate and eliminate waste throughout the organization
  • Process mapping and optimization of legal processes
  • Process mapping and optimization of administrative and business processes
  • Solutions to reduce overhead, improve turnaround times and manage workflows
  • Ways to free up human, technical and financial resources for other work
  • Tools to maximize the value in-house counsel receive from external advisors, and build more effective and efficient relationships with internal clients
  • A foundation for legal project management, knowledge management, pricing and other change initiatives in your firm or legal department

Whatever the strategic practice management issue, we work closely with you to construct tailored approaches that address your specific needs.

We leave you with sustainable processes to enhance your practice, improve your clients’ satisfaction and increase your success.

Contact us to discuss solutions for your practice.

Image ©Karen Dunn Skinner, 2016: Current State Map of a Legal Process