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Legal and Business Writing

How many times do you rework a document? 

Good legal writing adds value. It requires less rework. It takes less time to read and produce. And most importantly, it communicates your message to clients and colleagues clearly, concisely and accurately (unlike the sign—read to the end to find out why).  

The result of good writing: fewer errors, less rework and faster turnaround times.

Gimbal offers interactive legal writing workshops and one-on-one coaching for:

  • Lawyers
  • New associates
  • Articling students
  • Business and administrative personnel

Karen, a lawyer and professional editor, teaches powerful writing and editing techniques in workshops tailored to your needs, with practical examples and exercises based on the type of writing you and your team do.

What people are saying about Karen's writing workshops:

"The session was well worth the investment. If we could do it again, I'd allocate more time." 

     —Director of IT at a major Canadian law firm

"Karen doesn't just fix your problems, she gives you the tools to fix them yourself. Her lessons are like an asset with a perpetual payout plan."

     —Associate at an international trade law firm

"I've noticed a huge difference in how I'm approaching things. Karen made grammar fun!"

     —Administrative assistant at a Toronto law firm

Contact Karen directly to discuss a legal writing workshop for your firm or department.

Download outlines for some of our typical writing workshops.

Follow Karen on Twitter for tips on improving your writing.

And about that sign? If you want to eat in this restaurant, you'd better bring your pet.  It's pretty clear: no pets, no service! Somehow, we don't think that's exactly what the owner intended.

Image credit: ©Karen Dunn Skinner, 2016. Better bring your pet...