Gimbal – What’s in a name?

When we started our company, we thought long and hard about a name. We knew exactly what we wanted to do for professional service firms: guide them through the changes required to remain competitive and profitable. 

Because our goal is to help lawyers in law firms and in-house navigate the ups and downs of a changing economic and legal landscape, we wanted a name that symbolizes navigation in some way, and also reflects what we do. We give attorneys the tools they need to thrive in the face of increased competition from legal process outsourcers, contract attorneys and non-traditional providers of legal services. We empower them to give their clients the highest level of service at lower cost, and in less time.

Basically, we want to make the practice of law more efficient for lawyers and clients alike, so lawyers can increase the flow of quality, value-adding work, stay profitable and, at the same time, offer their clients more predictable fees and even better service. Lean Six Sigma lets us do all that, but it’s not really a catchy name and the logo options are pretty dire.

So we looked at the essence of Lean, with it’s focus on efficiency, flow and streamlining. We hunted the internet and kept coming back to images of water and light. Flow and guidance. Balance and direction. Lighthouses were an obvious choice, but already taken by many organizations). Compasses interested us, but again, they’re pretty common. 

However, for a compass to work when everything around it is off-kilter, it needs…a gimbal.

Every compass on a boat or an airplane sits in its very own gimbal. That gimbal turns, spins and rolls, always keeping the compass level, balanced, functioning. 

That’s what we do at Gimbal: keep your law practice level, balanced, functioning and, above all, profitable for you and valuable to your clients. We keep the flow of quality legal work moving efficiently through your office. We help you navigate, no matter what storms are headed your way.