Plus ça change…Five Years of the Lean Law Firm

There’s a great French expression that’s been rattling around in my brain these past few weeks. Plus ça change…plus c’est la même chose. That is, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

We’ve just renovated our website, so I’ve been migrating all our old blog posts onto the new site. It’s been an interesting trip through five years of Lean Law Firm history. Were we rosy-cheeked idealists or practical realists? Is the industry going where we thought it would? Did innovation become more than all talk, no action?

Well yes…and no.

The legal industry moves slowly, but we see more and more interest in operational excellence.  

Firms are taking a hard look at how they practice and how they manage the practice. They’re thinking about process improvement in legal and business processes, which is great to see. Organizations like CLOC are pushing the importance of legal operations. Innovations like AI, machine learning and blockchain offer great value and potential. And just last week, for the first time ever, the Process Excellence Network gave an award for business transformation to Catherine Alman MacDonagh, a Lean practitioner in the legal industry.

The most successful firms are integrating pricing, KM, process improvement, and project management. Together, these initiatives deliver much more than any one can on its own. We recognize the value of this integrated approach. Together with Fireman & Company, we created the Performance, Profitability, and Innovation Group to offer clients the combined power of the industry’s leading consultants.

Through it all, our purpose has stayed the same: to give you practical tools to help you build more efficient, productive, profitable, competitive law practices.

We’ve expanded on this with our new Tip of the Week service. Subscribers get a quick tip delivered to their inbox. We can’t guarantee you’ll get one every single week, but we can guarantee they’ll be short and practical.

It’s stealth change management, really. You get a useful tidbit of information, but you also get a weekly reminder about change. Sometimes, that little nudge is all you need to stay on track.

You can sign up for our Tip of the Week here. You can also sign up for our newsletter. It comes out once every 4-6 weeks, and brings together links to our blog, useful articles by other industry leaders, and legal news and events.

Today’s photo credit goes to Death to the Stock Photo. I selected this one because I remember the 80s, when everyone’s kitchen had a Melitta coffee maker and pour-over coffee was just coffee, not hipster coffee. And now, plus ça change…