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Old habits are hard to break, so how can you make change stick?

Are you contemplating change—any change—in your law firm or legal department? Did you know that most major change initiatives fail to meet their goals?

Whatever your challenge, whether you're starting a process improvement initiative or trying to breathe life into an ongoing one, implementing a new knowledge management system, going paperless or overhauling your conflicts process, you'll be asking people to change.

Learning to understand and manage that change will shorten the change cycle. You'll achieve results sooner, create better buy-in and increase the chances that your major change will be successful and sustainable.

Gimbal now offers a facilitated learning simulation that turns change management into a game of strategy and tactics.

ExperienceChange™ allows you to practice real world change without the real world scars. From analysis through to planning and implementation, you'll experience a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.

We offer this full-day workshop on its own, as a kick-off for Lean and process improvement initiatives, or as part of a broader plan to support change—any change—in your firm or legal department. 

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