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Change is hard. What if you could practice first?

This isn't another piece about how you’ve got to change if you’re going to survive. If you don’t accept the need for change, or if you aren’t interested in learning how you can manage any kind of change better, then click here. (And good luck!)

If you're still with me, great, because organizations that excel at change can respond quickly to opportunities or threats, and align people around new ways of doing things. Those that master it build resilience and an enduring competitive advantage. But successful change requires buy-in, and creating buy-in is difficult work. If you get it wrong the first time, it's really hard to get the support you need to try again. What if you could practice change? Well, now you can. And we can help you.

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Getting your hands dirty - Gimbal’s new workshop on legal process improvement

Process improvement is a hot topic in law these days. Just check out the articles here and here and here and here. Lawyers everywhere are looking for ways to deliver top quality work in less time and at less cost.

But what would process improvement actually feel like? How it would work in your firm or in-house legal department, with your people? Could you do it? [Of course you can!] What would the benefits be? To answer your questions, we’ve developed Empowering Process Improvement Teams: Tools, Tips, and Hands-on Experience. This interactive workshop teaches you and your colleagues exactly what it takes to be part of a process improvement project team. You can download an outline here.

Over four hours, you will learn the basics of Lean. We start with DMAIC — a Lean Six Sigma problem-solving framework that guides you through five distinct phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. You’ll learn how to define value from your clients’ perspective, and how to recognize the eight classic forms of waste as they appear in law practices. Then you and your colleagues will work together to create a list of the inefficiencies and frustrations that affect your daily work (and your clients!). Every one is an improvement opportunity.

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