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Kano's Coffee Shop: Improving your Legal Process Improvement

What’s coffee got to do with improvement? Well, thinking about how you deliver a great cup of coffee can help you deliver great process improvements. As Karen wrote in last week's blog, the Improve phase of DMAIC might be fun but it's a phase where teams can get bogged down. They need to move from the negative, “No, we can’t do that because…” mentality towards a more positive, “Yes, we can do that if….”

Teams that adopt the innovator's approach are usually richly rewarded. Their creative juices start flowing, and they generate long lists of ideas for potential improvement. However, the very wealth of ideas can give rise to a second reason teams get bogged down: they can’t possibly implement all of the solutions they’ve come up with.

Kano’s Model helps teams prioritize ideas and solutions that might otherwise compete for limited time and resources.

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Vision and Other Six Word Stories

We wrote a post a while ago about having vision--understanding why you do what you do. More recently, I engaged in a rather heated twitter conversation about the future of the legal profession. I raised the ire of another attorney by suggesting that the future of law depends upon lawyers starting to focus on their clients, on getting to know them and really giving them value for the money they spend. It's a vision of the law that I can sum up in a six word story: Know your clients. Deliver only value. It doesn’t seem like an earth-shattering concept to me.

However, my fellow tweeter felt that lawyers were already client-focused and would remain so. My implying that lawyers were more focused on themselves than on their clients ran contrary to his vision for his law firm. Perhaps he understands why he does what he does, and who he does it for. I don’t think many other law firms can say the same.

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