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If innovation's such a hot topic, where are all the innovators?

This week I was a speaker at the American Bar Association Section of International Law fall meeting in lovely Montreal (full disclosure: I live there).

Innovation. Change. Innovation. Process improvement. Innovation. Efficiency. These words came out again and again all day. It’s exactly what we do at Gimbal. And yet, my phone is not ringing off the hook. Why, because innovation is hard and what makes us great lawyers also makes us lousy innovators.

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Predictability is possible: giving clients what they want

This morning I read another great article by Jordan Furlong, guest blogging on Attorney at Work: What Do Clients Want? It’s Screamingly Obvious. I agree. What clients want is no secret. If we listen more, talk less, and really take a moment to reflect on the not-so-subtle signals they are sending us, we'll start to understand.

What we hear most often from in-house counsel, CFOs and CEOs alike, is that they want the same great services from their lawyers, but they want them faster and cheaper. Most importantly, they want predictability. They want to know, at least approximately, what a transaction is going to cost them up front.

We were talking to Mark Graban last week about why lawyers are starting to look more and more at Lean (stay tuned, podcast coming soon), and we explained it this way:

Imagine you decide to buy a house. You need the house and it seems like a good quality house...but no one will tell you what it costs. The vendor says, “It’s OK, just move in. I’ll bill you later.”

Would you?

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