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Change is hard. What if you could practice first?

This isn't another piece about how you’ve got to change if you’re going to survive. If you don’t accept the need for change, or if you aren’t interested in learning how you can manage any kind of change better, then click here. (And good luck!)

If you're still with me, great, because organizations that excel at change can respond quickly to opportunities or threats, and align people around new ways of doing things. Those that master it build resilience and an enduring competitive advantage. But successful change requires buy-in, and creating buy-in is difficult work. If you get it wrong the first time, it's really hard to get the support you need to try again. What if you could practice change? Well, now you can. And we can help you.

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If innovation's such a hot topic, where are all the innovators?

This week I was a speaker at the American Bar Association Section of International Law fall meeting in lovely Montreal (full disclosure: I live there).

Innovation. Change. Innovation. Process improvement. Innovation. Efficiency. These words came out again and again all day. It’s exactly what we do at Gimbal. And yet, my phone is not ringing off the hook. Why, because innovation is hard and what makes us great lawyers also makes us lousy innovators.

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Rethinking law - in three minutes or less

This morning I came across a brilliant video on the excellent blog over at Adam Smith Esq. Watching it made made me want to jump up and shout, "Yes, that's exactly it!"

We stand on the brink of major change in our profession. Resting on laurels, basking in the glow of old wood and polished marble floors, looking at the world from the top of office towers...these are not the way forward.

We need to jump. Change the way we practice. Improve how we provide services to our clients. Sell value, not time.

Watch the video. It will only take you about three minutes. How will you rethink law?

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The Future of the Legal Profession - A New Initiative

As you know if you’ve been following us, we believe the legal profession is undergoing a significant shift and if you aren’t already thinking about change, you need to start. The global economic downturn and concomitant pressure on clients has created a raft of alternatives to the traditional firm, from banks and accounting firms offering quasi-legal services to legal process outsourcers here and abroad, to alternative firms offering top-notch legal advice on an as-needed, contract basis. Lawyers must find new and creative ways to provide their legal services -- and must give their clients more for less -- if they are to thrive in the new environment.

Last week we had the honour of participating in the Canadian Legal Conference in Vancouver (CLC Vancouver). The annual conference, a joint offering from the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, proved very exciting for us. The whole issue of the crisis facing lawyers, of what they have to do to meet increasing demands of clients who need them to be more sensitive to their commercial realities, of having to do much more with much less, emerged as a common theme across professional development seminars on project management, knowledge management, and our own seminar on legal resource allocation.

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