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Rocky Mountain High - Operational Excellence in Denver

On April 4, 2017, we’ll be speaking about operational excellence at the ALA’s annual conference in Denver. 

The timing of our talk couldn’t be better. With demand for legal services remaining low or flat, more and more firms are looking for ways to remain profitable. As the recent Citi/Hildebrandt Client Advisory said,

the market will reward law firms who focus on operational efficiency in its broadest sense — not just managing expenses, but transforming the way they run their firms and deliver legal services (my emphasis).

How are they transforming the way they run their firms? By improving efficiency across their organizations. By getting the right people doing the right jobs, with the right tools, at the right time.

Our talk will focus on practical process improvement tools that law firm administrators can use to improve business and administrative processes in their law firms. Once firms build their internal resources and process improvement skills—once the concept of adding value and eliminating waste becomes embedded in the culture on the operational side—it’s even easier to turn the improvement spotlight onto the legal services themselves.

Process improvement is a powerful, transformational tool to help law firms achieve overall operational excellence, but it’s one of many. We’ll also be introducing our Profitability, Performance & Innovation maturity model to the audience. 

The model draws on our own experience and the expertise of our colleagues at Fireman & Company. It integrates process improvement with budgets, pricing, knowledge management, legal project management and more. The PPI Maturity Model is a roadmap--a logical series of steps that can move firms towards operational excellence. If you aren’t going to be in Denver on Tuesday, and you’d like to learn more about the maturity model, please listen to our recent webinar on the model: Driving Profit and Improving Performance in Your Law Firm

To learn more about achieving operational excellence in your law firm, pop by and see us in Denver or contact us directly.

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