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What can we do for you?  

We provide strategic organization, practice and change management advice to law firms, lawyers and in-house counsel across North America.  

Using our LeanLegal™ approach, we develop tailored, sustainable solutions to optimize legal services and the business and administrative processes that support them.

We empower lawyers and other legal service professionals with the fundamental skills of Lean, then we facilitate and implement process improvement projects that make law firms and legal departments more efficient, productive, profitable and competitive...and a lot less frustrating.


What's the Key to Excellent Performance? 

In 2015, the most successful law firms made strategic changes in three key areas:

  • staffing
  • efficiency in legal service delivery
  • pricing

Efficient legal and business processes create the foundation for success in all three.

Whether you are implementing legal project management, creating more efficient legal, business or administrative processes, developing a new approach to pricing or deploying a knowledge management strategy, optimizing your underlying processes is the starting point.

Now we’ve joined forces with the industry-leading consultants at Fireman & Company to create the Performance, Profitability and Innovation Group. Together, we offer our clients a powerful and unparalleled combination of legal innovation, Lean and process improvement, knowledge management, pricing, technology, and legal project management expertise. 


Why Gimbal? 

We're attorneys with practical, international experience in law firms and in-house. We know the lawyer–client dynamic from both sides. No other consulting firm shares that depth of practical legal knowledge and understanding of our profession.

We use our unique knowledge of Lean and the legal profession to deliver quality analysis and advice to continuously improve your practice, your business and your bottom line.

Just like a gimbal, we help you balance in a shifting legal world.


Do more

Increase revenues — Improve client satisfaction — Compete more effectively

with less

Less time — Lower costs — Fewer resources